What is viron

The museum presents the history of Estonian drink culture and Luscher & Matiesen’s over 100-year-old legend. Luscher & Matiesen Premises offers atmospheric facilities with best view in Tallinn. The unique location and view make an unforgettable experience for your private party, wedding or event for for your clients. The facilities are suitable for events with up to 50 people. Either you are arranging event for you valuable clients, birthday party for your dear friend, your wedding Luscher & Matiesen Premises offers you customised party or event plan with delicious catering and great drink possibilities.

Together with the Viron, we introduce a new safety: The patented “Reefline-Safety”. When the kiter activates the quick release, the leading edge of the Viron immediately shrinks together, simultaneously the tips will lay against each other. The kite then blows out with a minimum of rest-pull and can be relaunched anytime, even by beginners. But this is just one of the features that make the Viron an extraordinary safe kite. The enormous flight stability and a highly effective and directly-functioning depower give the pilot a safety cushion never before experienced. And just in case that isn’t enough, the Viron is equipped with a new safety release, dependable, quick and easy to operate.

What is viron

what is viron


what is vironwhat is vironwhat is vironwhat is vironwhat is viron