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The holding lugs are mounted on the closure head at an angle of approximately 10 degrees. This provides a valuable feature, for the angular mounting requires that the T-bolt be backed off an extra turn or two before it will swing out of the holding position. Thus, if there is pressure in the vessel while it is being opened, initial turns of the bolts permit the head to lift slightly and the contained fluid escapes, alerting the operator to possible danger. Further movement of the head is restrained, since the T-bolt still is confined within the holding lug.

We have many different types of hose finish and many different colours available. By far our most popular colour is the DPH Sport blue however we also have material available in black, red and green. Upon request we can supply Silicone Hose in many different colours including Yellow, White and even Pink. Each hose is available in three different finishes from our standard fabric finish to our glossy sport finish to our classic vintage finish. If you need a hose in a specific size or colour simply fill out our online order form and we will come back to you with a price.