Tball zionsville

Test out new bats and off pitching machines and get your "exit velocity speeds". Get 20% off purchase. Youth leagues require all bats used beyond January 1st, 2018 must meet NEW regulations. As you may know, youth leagues have changed the bat requirements for the 2018 season. Effective January 1st, 2018, the rules regarding "legal" bats in Little League and Babe Ruth Cal Ripken play will change. All bats must now bear the USA Baseball logo, certifying eligibility*. Local league sponsor, Casual Adventure (located in Arlington, VA) will be on site with a full array of 2018 models. Players can hit with the new bats in batting cages and measure their exit velocity. Try out the new 2018 Easton Bats and get 20% OFF the purchase through Casual Adventure. (League wide purchases may be eligible for additional discounts). 

Tball zionsville

t ball zionsville


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