Provereno min njet film

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Check Passed: No Mines (Yugoslavian title Provereno nema mina ; Russian title Provereno - min net ) is a 1965 Yugoslavian-Soviet war movie directed by Yuriy Lysenko and Zdravko Velimirovic. In October 1944 Belgrade is liberated from the Wehrmacht troops. Soviet and Yugoslavian soldiers perform mine clearance in the city. A mixed group under the command of Yugoslavian Lt. Rade encounters the presence of Germans in the Belgrade sewers. A prisoner tells that only an hour left before the saboteurs would explode the water reservoir damb that would lead to great disasters all over the city. Having no time to wait for the reinforcements, the group takes the mission to save the city on themselves.

Provereno min njet film

provereno min njet film


provereno min njet filmprovereno min njet film