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This is my second time using this particular Lab. I've previous positive experience with Sis (when formerly known as Infiniti Labs) Anavar, so my expectations were some what inflated:)
Firstly, I was really impressed by the immaculate packaging of this product, which shows how much effort went into its manufacturing and marketing. I ran this product at a weekly dose of 400mg, in conjunction with Mast e and Test. Prior to introducing Sis Tren e into my current cycle, I was already using a different Labs Tren at a slightly higher dose of 500mg weekly. To be honest, I did not notice any difference, even when running Sis Tren e at a slightly lowered dose of 400mg for 5 weeks in total. I continued with making strength gains with a noticeable reduction in body fat, even though my diet wasn't always on point. I have had no adverse effects from the Tren, unless if you want to include night sweats. Overall, I am very satisfied with the results I got from use of this product.

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Sold! Sold! Sold! Sold! Sold! Sold!
1946 Globe Swift GC-1B N3292K sn 1285
2011 Swift Nationals award-winning Swift 2990 TTAF features a low-time (100+ hrs)
Lycoming O-360 engine and low-time Hartzell prop, JPI's EDM 700 engine analysis with fuel totalizer, new PS Engineering audio panel, a Garmin 430, up-to-date IFR certification, new vacuum pump in 2010, small wheel + P-51 gear door mod, sticks, stearable tailwheel, new electrical wiring, stock wing tips, closed slots, 9 gal. aux. tank, gross weight increase mod (rear battery - 1970 lbs.), single-axis autopilot, dual brake mod., Cessna 150 sets, 5-point harnesses, Clevelands, M-20 air-oil separator, spin-on oil filer mod., heavy duty single piece windshield STC, and a Feb. 2011 annual. Complete mod and AD records. Excellent, fast Swift. Always hangared
(Feb 2012)(Sold March 2012)

Prop mast var

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