Minimum primo dosage

The circulating thyroxine-binding globulin (TBG) was assessed as a measure of the potency of 3 anabolic agents. Methandrostenolone (10 mg.), methenolone (20 mg.) and oxymetholone (30 mg.) were administered daily for 4 weeks and changes in TBG were followed weekly for a total of 6 weeks. The effects on TBG were compared with those produced by methyltestosterone (20 mg.) administered daily. The cortisol-binding capacity of the cortisol-binding globulin (CBG) was also measured and was unaffected by these agents. Despite their inferior androgenic potency, the anabolic steroids decreased thyroxine binding as much (methenolone) or more (methandrostenolone, oxymetholone) than methyltestosterone , indicating that changes in thyroxine binding are unrelated to androgenicity. Three groups of subjects received a uniform daily dose of methandrostenolone, either 5, 10, or 20 mg. for 4 weeks. The decreases in thyroxine binding reached a plateau at the 10 mg. level. An inferential relationship between thyroxine binding and estimates of anabolic potency was suggested from dose-response comparisons."

I was kind of underwhelmed by this in the Winter months, thinking this is a resinous oriental so it must be a Fall and Winter fragrance.

But no, actually I am enjoying it more on cooler Spring days, and I think this is an oriental that breaks the norm and can be pleasant even in cooler Summer days.
Because of the fruity notes, fresh spices and florals that balance the warmer richer balsamic notes. It's really not that heavy of a fragrance, and it really pops for me in warmer weather.

This review is for the new magnetic cap version.
From all the hype from recent years, I think most of the hype is for the vintage plastic cap version.
I wish more reviewers would say which version they are reviewing.
I ordered a 3 ml vintage to see what it's all about.
The new version is nice, good quality of notes, the berry and incense, smooth, well blended. But it just doesn't have much punch or projection. That's why I like it more in warmer weather.
The new Interlude Man, now that's a rich winter, resinous beaut.
Mhir's review was troubling. He says there is a huge difference 6/10 for the currant magnetic cap version vs the vintage plastic cap.
I just received a 3 ml vintage Jub XXV expecting the big difference the above review described...
Not... it was a bit richer, but the new version magnetic cap is very close to the vintage.

Rating: 8/10 magnetic cap.
9/10 vintage.

God bless. John 3:16

Minimum primo dosage

minimum primo dosage


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