Mast kalandar pk song

In October 2009, she released Kala Sha Kala , a collection of Punjabi wedding songs, in India. [17] In 2012, Laila served as a judge on the show Sur Kshetra, an Indian television contest show for amateur singers. [18] She described her relationship with fellow judge Asha Bhosle as that of sisters. [19] In 2014, she collaborated with Sabina Yasmin on a song for a television play "Dalchhut Projapoti" , the first time they worked on a song together. [20] [21] Runa has sung in seventeen languages including her native Bengali , Hindi , Urdu , Punjabi , Sindhi , Gujarati , Pashto , Baluchi , Arabic , Persian , Malay , Nepalese , Japanese , Italian , Spanish , French and English. [3]

Her health deteriorated to such an extent that she was hospitalised in Lahore , Pakistan in 'Doctors Hospital' on 6 April 2013. The Punjab, Pakistan caretaker government elected to pay all her medical expenses. Tell her that she has lost weight and she promptly replies, " To kyā? Maiṅ is se slim, smart bhī to ho gaī. " (So what ? I have grown slim and smart because of this), but then explains, "Doctors have advised me to curtail oily and spicy food." She readily used to admit, "I have no training in classical music, I do not know even the 'r' of any raga. So when I sing and miss any technical aspect, please forgive me," is what this humble soul used to say to the audience. "For me, there is no difference between India and Pakistan, they are like my two eyes." [18]

Mast kalandar pk song

mast kalandar pk song


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