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Omalizumab is an injectable drug that is used for treating asthma . Omalizumab is a protein that resembles one type of human antibody. Antibodies are proteins produced by the body that recognize foreign substances such as bacteria (that cause infection) and pollens (that cause allergies ). Once they recognize a foreign substance, the antibodies attach to receptors on two types of cells in tissues and blood, mast cells and basophils. These cells then release chemicals that cause an allergic reaction that leads to inflammation. Omalizumab blocks the receptors on the surfaces of the mast cells and basophils to which antibodies attach, thereby preventing antibodies from attaching to the cells. As a result, the cells do not release their chemicals, and the allergic reaction and inflammation are prevented. In asthmatic individuals, allergic reactions often cause attacks of asthma . Omalizumab reduces the attacks of asthma by preventing the allergic reactions caused by foreign substances. Omalizumab was approved by the FDA in June 2003.

I have a question I can not find the answer to. I have a 4 1/2 year old pug who had a mast cell carcinoma removed from his side in April, 2010. After the first surgery we were told that his margins were dirty and that he would need more surgery, A week later they removed more tissue and we were told that his margins were clean. A few days ago without any notice, he developed hives all over his body and head. His face and snout was very swollen. We rushed him to the vet and they gave him an injection of benadryl and a steroid. We were told to give him benadryl 25 mg 3 more times. Today he seems fine, however, we have no idea what happened, Do you think this could have happened due to a recurrance of the mast cell carcinoma or just some allergic reaction. I do not seem any lumps on his body. The vet that treated him is not our regular vet and did not know his history of the mast cell carcinoma.

Mast e dosage

mast e dosage


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