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https:///pubmed/10197050 “Inhibitors of tryptase for the treatment of mast cell-mediated diseases.” (These inhibit tryptase elevated in 3 diseases- Mast Cell Activation Disorders (MCAD aka MCAS-Mast Cell Activation Syndrome), Ehlers Danlos and POTs which are linked together in a disease called Familial Tryptasemmia, which also includes these symptoms- chronic skin flushing, itching, or hives, bee sting allergy, dizziness and/or difficulty maintaining a normal pulse and blood pressure, sometimes diagnosed as dysautonomia or postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), chronic head, back, and joint pain, hypermobile joints, scoliosis, retained primary teeth or other skeletal abnormalities, sometimes diagnosed as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, Type III, hypermobile type, GI disturbances including heartburn, IBS, and numerous food and drug reactions and intolerances, anxiety, depression, and/or behavioral disturbances). The first three drugs to inhibit tryptase are synthetic and the last is natural- lactoferrin also found in the supplement colostrum: 1) peptidic inhibitors (., APC-366), 2) dibasic inhibitors (., pentamidine-like), 3) Zn(2+)-mediated inhibitors (., BABIM-like), and 4) heparin antagonists (., lactoferrin). They have implicated tryptase as a mediator in the pathology of numerous allergic and inflammatory conditions including rhinitis, conjunctivitis, and most notably asthma. A growing body of data further implicates tryptase in certain gastrointestinal (IBS), dermatological (excema), and cardiovascular disorders as well.

I have these exact symptoms. Use to be just a random itchy rash on my neck or face (I thought it was from mildew in our basement), it progressed to entire limbs itching (and of coarse swelling) in about 6 months. I have tried things in my own like probiotics, DIM, and Epsom salt bath. Then turned to the stinging nettle capsules, mixed herbal teas, and putting a dash of tumeric in food every day. I don’t get near as bad of outbreaks (maybe a red spot that I scratched here and there). I never linked the cramps and the bowl movements in the morning to it though – time to look up natural healing for my gut. Thank you!

Calcium triggers the secretion of histamine from mast cells after previous exposure to sodium fluoride. The secretory process can be divided into a fluoride-activation step and a calcium-induced secretory step. It was observed that the fluoride-activation step is accompanied by an elevation of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) levels within the cells. The attained high levels of cAMP persist during histamine release. It was further found that catecholamines do not markedly alter the fluoride-induced histamine release. It was also confirmed that the second, but not the first, step in sodium fluoride-induced histamine secretion is inhibited by theophylline. [23] Vasodilation and increased permeability of capillaries are a result of both H1 and H2 receptor types. [24]

Mast cells substance p

mast cells substance p


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