Male hormone balance pills

Bioidentical hormones have the same chemical structure as hormones produced in the human body. There have been many studies demonstrating their safety. At this time, with the ready availability of bioidentical hormones, there is no reason to use non-human formulations. There is a track record of benefit and safety for women taking controlled doses of these hormones, in carefully selected formulations, under medical supervision. Horse hormones and progestins for hormone replacement should become obsolete. Patient demand will make this happen.

So there you have it. You can’t go wrong adding this supplement to your current regimen, especially if you tend toward estrogen dominance which most of us do as we approach menopause. As far as what specific DIM supplement to take, I recommend (and personally use) Douglas Laboratories DIM Enhanced (I believe this is the same one recommended above by Dr. Rollins, although he doesn’t mention the specific manufacturer). View the  DOUGLAS LABS DIM ENHANCED DATA SHEET It contains 125 mg of DIM per capsule along with a host of other ingredients supportive of breast health and hormone metabolism, including my other favorite, curcumin. You can purchase DIM from my own online dispensary (see below).

Male hormone balance pills

male hormone balance pills


male hormone balance pillsmale hormone balance pillsmale hormone balance pillsmale hormone balance pillsmale hormone balance pills