Letrozole think steroids

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Hi! I ended it being allergic to it..not a good experience..I am allergic to one they say don't use if your allergic to that one..my derm didn't catch it but I did after getting home and researching more. I called our nurse advice line she said it should be ok but I was still worried. I called my derm next day and she gave me something else (elidel)..so rather than throw the Protopic away I threw it in my med bucket...anyway I am only using clob/elidel as needed...they wanted me to do two weeks on week off but I don't have issues all the time so I do it maybe once a week every few weeks. At one point I had a pretty bad flare up so I grabbed what I thought was the one I knew was ok..put probably three times what I am supposed to use put of desperation for relief and head to bed. An hour/two later I woke up and I was itching horribly, worse than I've ever experienced...realized I use the protopic instead and probably was in fact allergic...i took an Atarax and was fine an hour later. I should've thrown it out..so its out now! Elidel is what I use with clob on the days I need something and it burns a bit but it gets better.

Letrozole think steroids

letrozole think steroids


letrozole think steroidsletrozole think steroidsletrozole think steroidsletrozole think steroidsletrozole think steroids