Justin masterson

(theme music)
Voiceover: Exclusive.
Male: Today I'm on the set
of the new Anchorman movie.
(trumpet music)
Anchorman 2? No.
Anchorman, a triple X porn character.
So we're all big fans
of Anchorman here right?
Female: Yeah, huge.
Male: Do you know who played
Champ Kind in the movie Anchorman?
Male with hat: Damn it, I do not.
Male: Finish this sentence, stay classy -
Female: But not trashy.
Male: Can you name any
Will Ferrell movies?
What about the one about newscasters?
Steve Carell's characters
says, "I love lamp."
What do you love?
Female: Sex.
Female: I love cock.
Male: G spot, A spot.
Male: What's the A spot?
Male: A spot is seven-eights of the way
inside the vagina on the front wall.
If a woman's cervix drops down,
it's covered by the cervix
push it aside.
Male: You're like a doctor.
Male: Absolutely.
Male: Are you wearing
sex panther right now?
And that help you get in this situation?
Male: No, not wearing sex panther.
I do like, I am kind of a clone whore.
Nobody knows about it
now especially the girls,
they forgot about polo.
Because back in the 80s, it was big
in the 80s and stuff and then you -
Male: Ralph Lauren.
Male: Yes, so I've rock a little
polo now because the girls are like
"God, what is that [thing]?"
Nobody wears it anymore.
Male: Anchorman is a
movie about news anchors.
Right now, I'd like to see if
you've got a nose for news.
Could you give me your thoughts
on the tragedy in Japan?
Female: It's horrible, duh.
Male: It's tragic and it's horrible,
and it's one of those things
that I wish I could do more.
I wish everybody could
do more to help out.
I wish I was a millionaire so
I could donate big time money.
Throw a couple of hundred
thousand to a charity there.
If everybody does a little
something I think you know.
Male: Are you glad they got Bin Laden?
Female: You know I think that
he killed thousands of people
and so should have been apprehended
but our national justice system does
not encourage the killing of somebody
who has committed crime.
I think that he most ideally should
have been brought in and put on trial.
Much like the Nuremberg trials.
Male: That makes a lot of sense.
Are you glad that they killed Bin Laden?
Male: I love the news.
Female: Whammy.
Male: Stay classy Funny or Die.
Male: Too late for that.

Justin masterson

justin masterson


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