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I reckon if my shed was big enough (which sadly, it isn't) I'd opt for the four-poster with the scissor-lift jacks myself.
I worked on both two and four posts hoists for years and while the four-poster doesn't allow such unrestricted access as the two, it more than makes up for that with ease of getting a vehicle up in the air, no crawling around trying to position lift pads or damaging underbody paintwork etc., plus it doubles as a handy workbench.
But the thing that would seal the deal for me is that the Tufflift four posters don't have to be bolted down in one spot and even come with castors so you can move them around.
Well worth the extra eight hundred bucks I reckon!
. I think a decent generator ought to be able to power these hoists... I wonder if I could bolt a four-poster to the car trailer and make it double-decker?
(Relax, I'm only joking... or am I?)

Dyna bolts brisbane

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