Difference between dianabol and dianabol

Amen to that! I’ve been a pain patient since before it became “en vogue” (1985). I think I’ve tried more med therapies than most and I’m steady on oxycodone & methadone. Never an addiction problem but I and my doctor agree I am dependent on the meds (HUGE difference). It has never effected my ability to make a coherent sentence, in my opinion nor my ability to communicate verbally with others. I couldn’t wade through that disjointed drivel above either! I feel like the last sane pain patient on the planet, lol. My doctor asks me during every visit if I wish to change or increase my meds or my current dosage. I go for many years without changing a thing simply because I refuse to put myself into an addiction situation. The downside of this is that “all” my pain never goes away… I retain just enough to keep myself real and remind me that there is no such thing as a magic pill. Since 1985 I’ve progressed from two trashed disks to now my entire lumbar plus two disks in my neck. I walk with a cane some days but the tradeoff is quite worth it to me. Keep it real folks because the alternative is unacceptable on any level. I hope this helps at least one person out there struggling between doctor’s orders and a hard place. 🙂

In Luke 23:40-43, Jesus promised the repentant thief on the cross that “Today you shall be with Me in Paradise .” This same “Paradise” (another term for the pleasant section of Hades) is later spoken of by the Apostle Paul in 2 Cor. 12:4 saying, “That he was caught away into Paradise and heard unspeakable words…” This man in Christ (v. 2), that Paul knew to be “caught away into Paradise was surely the apostle himself. That the apostle could have such revelations and visions of both “the third heaven” (v. 2) and “Paradise” (v. 4, clearly different from heaven in v. 2), indicates that both were something present. Especially Paul’s being ‘caught away into Paradise” is a clear indication that it still continues its function as the resting place for the souls and spirits of the dead saints.

Difference between dianabol and dianabol

difference between dianabol and dianabol


difference between dianabol and dianaboldifference between dianabol and dianaboldifference between dianabol and dianaboldifference between dianabol and dianaboldifference between dianabol and dianabol