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if you really like sir arthurs body of work it was very well presented by granada television with jeremy brett as sherlock and david burke as dr. watson in “the adventures of…” then in the “return…” mr brett returns as sherlock and sir edward hardwicke plays dr. watson. i believe they did more than 40 episodes set in the correct time period in england. i own the entire dvd set which i obtained from mpi home video. if you hunger for high quality sherlock holmes entertainment you will not be disappointed. these episodes took very few liberties with sir arthurs work and more correctly represent the time. however, that being said i am immensely enjoying the newest “sherlock” with mr’s cumberbatch and freeman. the idea of a modern “sherlock” is quite brilliant!
true sherlock fans and avid readers should pick up a copy of sir arthur conan doyle’s “the complete sherlock holmes”. for true and new sherlock fans it will provide many hours of mesmerizing entertainment as well the comprehensive background of the great detective. having read this makes the new “sherlock” on bbc one and pbs all the more entertaining because of the many references to sir arthur’s work. i am so pleased that his great work is being dramatized again. though i am american, i much prefer british actors in the role of sherlock like mr. cumberbatch and mr. brett. the movies with robert downey as sherlock have missed the mark entirely. after seeing mr. brett and now mr cumberbatch in the part i am sure that authenticity is an absolute requirement for the part

The secret Circle was a fabulous program!! As you even stated it was one of the larger ratings, how do you not have the funding, if you have the ratings? This is one of the many programs you have let slip through your fingers.. Kyle XY was another one, it was a massive hit and all of a sudden it was off also; each time there is a huge hit it ends up disappearing. I have gotten to the point I fear watching anything on this channel because I worry it will end up being taken off. You have such wonderful programs, but they get taken off; that isn’t the problem though, when they are everyone is left with cliffhangers!!
The only bonus is having the books to this series, the only down fall is the series doesn’t follow them… Ugh.. Please consider bringing it back, look at all the viewers you will satisfy..

Diana lol release date

diana lol release date


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