Diana lol play

Aw thanks Caribsmom that is so nice of you! And yeah the planted haters and random knobs do get a bit annoying at times but I now find it more funny than anything else. Funny that Ange’s people think anything I say here matters enough to go after me all the time, funny that knobs like chancesare & UFB can’t stop talking about me even when I’m not posting & funny that people care enough about what I say to discuss it and me on other sites. Get a life people! And they think we’re obsessed with Brange! I’m only not posting so much right now cos summer has hit the UK so I’m lapping it up, but don’t worry I will not be bullied away by the freaks. It just makes me all the more determined to keep posting just to spite them! If they truly wanted me to go away the best thing they could do would be to leave me alone, then I might get bored & not post so much. Ange & her minions have only made me want to post more since this blog started cos I find their behaviour so hilarious. As for knobs like the likes of chancesare & UFB well all I can say is men with small pricks will always need to find another way to feel big. For those two schmucks, its thinking they’re witty on the internet. What can you do when you can’t get laid though. I feel sorry for the poor little blighters!x

For two reasons, the first being that the file size of a video is enormous, especially those captured through screen capturing software. Recording all the games you play would take excessive amounts of disk space, and you would probably need to throw a lot of them away to free space up. By contrast, a Replay file is only a few MBs for a 30 minute match, so you could easily have hundreds of matches recorded which you can play back at any time. The second reason is performance. Screen capturing software requires a lot of CPU and disk IO while it's recording, and this can affect your game while you are playing. LolReplay2 on the other hand has no noticeable impact on the performance of your computer while it's recording, so you can just leave it on at any time. It will automatically start recording when you play a match, so you don’t need to remember to hit record.

Diana lol play

diana lol play


diana lol playdiana lol playdiana lol playdiana lol playdiana lol play