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I’m originally from Bessemer MI in the far western end of the UP. I also grew up eating pasties made by my Finnish relatives and then by my Italian mother-in-law. The recipes were similar to yours but we always added pats of butter on top of each pasty before folding over the crust and crimping the edges. My mother-in-law would mix melted butter into the meat and vegetable mixture. She also sprinkled little corn meal or flour on the baking sheets to absorb extra grease and once she removed them from the oven, she would cool them a bit on brown grocery bags. Pasties are still a big hit with my family and we’ve been in Minneapolis area for over 30 years. When I make them, I have to make at least 24 at a time with no carrots or rutabagas. Just meat, potatoes, onions, salt and pepper and little butter! A fare amount of work but oh so good. We also enjoy eating the leftovers cold. Just cut in half and eat like a sandwich ith some catsup on the side.

Diana boyle facebook

diana boyle facebook


diana boyle facebookdiana boyle facebookdiana boyle facebookdiana boyle facebookdiana boyle facebook