Devil zeinab

Virgin Mary with elephant dung falling on her praised by the New York Times in 1999. Crucifix inside a glass jar of the full artists own urine advertised by the New York Times in 1989.

  • When Muslims complained that burqa was necessary for women to wear, even when driving a car in New Zealand, Greg O'Connor, the president of the New Zealand Police Association insightfully observed "If one's belief system was so strong that you didn't want to show one's face then perhaps that belief system should extend to not driving." Buy the book: "America Alone", Mark Steyn commented: "Indeed. If your clothing can't evolve out of the camel-train era, maybe your mode of transportation shouldn't either."
  • An Islamic States of America, an Islamic Republic of France, an Islamic Kingdom of Belgium, an Islamic Dominion of Canada would all very quickly be societies in decline, living on the accumulated capital of their pre-Muslim past-as, indeed, much of Islam did at its zenith. Buy the book: "America Alone", Mark Steyn
  • The advantage for the United States and, to a lesser extent, other parts of the English-speaking world is that Europe is ahead in the line, and its fate may wake up even the most blinkered on this side of the Atlantic. Buy the book: "America Alone", Mark Steyn
  • Fertility rates of world countries: (A birth rate of is zero growth rate.)
    1. Niger: (Islamic)
    2. Mali: (Islamic)
    3. Somalia: (Islamic)
    4. Afghanistan: (Islamic)
    5. Yemen: (Islamic)
    6. USA:
    7. New Zealand:
    8. France: (France's fertility rate is high only because of the large number of Muslim babies being born.)
    9. Ireland:
    10. Denmark:
    11. Netherlands:
    12. UK:
    13. Australia:
    14. Canada:
    15. EU average:
    16. Germany:
    17. Japan:
    18. Austria:
    19. Italy:
    20. Russia:
    21. Spain:
    Although this must read book is a NY Times bestseller in the US, it has endured censorship in Canada because Muslim activists don't like the way is exposes them for what they really are. Buy the book: "America Alone", Mark Steyn, who is a Canadian Citizen, has this advice: " My advice to Canadian readers is drive over to the Buffalo Barnes & Noble and smuggle it back in, cunningly hidden under the Algerian terrorist in the back seat ." Quotations from the Koran:

    Devil zeinab

    devil zeinab


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