Dbol recomp

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Hey guys
My buddy, who has used steroids off and on for 10years, is trying to do a recomp before he starts dieting down for his first bodybuilding show.
His stats
Age 36
Ht 5'2
Weight: about 160 (he's dropped 15lbs in fat the past two months)
Body fat: about 12% now
Priors: sustanon, EQ, winstrol, dbol, anavar, anadrol, test e
He's been doing a natural recomp as of now. He switched his diet to most organic, cut out bread products and has been eating starches, fish, bison/beef, chicken, eggs, veggies and some fruit. Works out 6 days a week.
His proposed cycle is
Anadrol 1-4 50mg
Test e: 500mg 1-12
Masteron e: 300mg 1-12
Adex on hand just in case tho most likely not needed
His questions: has anyone used anadrol for a recomp and what results did they have? (He's not prone to gyno or bloating at all)
Should he up the masteron to 400mg? (He is most likely doing a prop taper for mast and test)
Should he lower the test?

Dbol recomp

dbol recomp


dbol recompdbol recomp